FlameReader Software Review

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Top Five Features:

  1. Software Review Boffin was impressed by FlameReader"s distinct, natural sounding and perfectly toned human-like voice. Choose between different readers, male or female US or UK accents.
  2. A powerful software package that will read aloud text from various sources including Microsoft Word, email, Power Point and also PDF. In fact the sources are not limited to these. Text is converted to MP3 format. WAV files can be played on portable devices iPods, CD players etc.
  3. Software Review Boffin liked the aspect of special needs users being offered a special versions for help in combating dyslexia, eyesight problems or similar conditions. A range of choices are available to accommodate most requirements. The site has some convincing testimonials.
  4. Proof Reading is a breeze when text is converted to Audio, those small typing errors were picked up in a instant.
  5. A superb Translation feature that is able to translate in up to seven languages.

Ease of Use:

The FlameReader interface is crisp, visually appealing and extremely user friendly. Software Review Boffin put FlameReader through its paces and found it worked flawlessly. Flexible PowerReader feature does not require a cut and paste for eBooks, PDF files or internet applications.

Help and Support:

Top Three Reasons to Choose FlameReader

  1. Users can be confident on the Audio and delivery of converting text to Audio. FlameReader does what it says it does with a smoothness and efficiency lacking in other products.
  2. The options for users to Batch, to alter Audio settings allow a pleasant end user experience.
  3. The flexibility of the software to permit user amendments such as pronunciation or the addition of abbreviations.


Software Review Boffin felt confident in awarding FlameReader the high award rating and inclusion in our top three recommended products. For users looking for a great All round Text to Speech software product, FlameReader is a sure contender in a competitive field.