Natural Reader Software Review

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Top Five Features

  1. Software Review Boffin was impressed by Natural Reader Software Naturally sounding Voices. The diction we found to be crystal clear and delivery was without pause or delay whatsoever.
  2. During out testing we established that conversion was seamless whether the text was Microsoft Word, sample WebPages, PDF files also emails all into spoken word without any apparent errors.
  3. Written text was tested by converting to audio files (MP3 and WAV. A great feature to use for CD player or iPod
  4. A recently introduced feature that Software Review Boffin liked was ability to convert a large text files to an Audio file. The capacity for this feature is an amazing Four million letters. Enough to satisfy most users appetite
  5. Natural Reader Software personal version has the ability to convert a single text file into a single audio file. This feature will allow up to a whopping 3GB of information. Personal version can change the pronunciation of words and allows you to easily add new words.

Ease of Use

During Software Review Boffin testing procedures we put this software through exhaustive testing. We concluded that this product has a super friendly interface; the processes flowed with complete ease. User friendly is a term often used but seldom applicable, this software can rightly claim this title. No advanced computer knowledge is required to use this product

Help and Support

An extremely informative Q & A will solve most commonly asked Questions, we tested out their support systems and found the queries we placed to have been responded to within a turnaround of two hours. The answers were constructed in a easy to follow and importantly in a package that allowed compete resolution of our fictitious issue.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Natural Reader Software

  1. Students can listen to class notes
  2. A great educational tool
  3. Listening is easier than reading
  4. Fast track learning second languages
  5. Great for proofreading purposes


This Natural Reader Software we found to be Worthy of its name, a completely natural way to convert text to speech. The developers of this software have produced a likeable and effective product that any user would be happy with the result.