List of Free and Open Source Time Software

Here is our list of Free and Open Source Time Software. Please contact us if you know of a program that should be on this page. Boffin supports open source software. If you have an open source project, we may consider making a small donation to your project. To be considered, please get in touch via the contact page.

Rescue Time Lite

Rescue Time Lite is a free time software that records time spent by users on their computers doing various activities. By knowing how often a website or an application is used, users are given the ability to monitor their productivity level and limit the time spent on less productive ones. It supports Android, Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems. And provides weekly email reporting so users can track whether they are achieving the time management goals they've set.

Time Trek

Time Trek basically works as a time clock and a time card to document hours worked in a given period for a specific task. Users are to manually input data about the tasks they are working on and much like a time card, they are to punch in at the beginning and punch out at the end of each task. The total time spent for specific projects or clients is totalled and can be presented as a report or part of its built-in invoice. It's both Windows and Mac OS X compatible.

Back To Work Time Clock

Back To Work Time Clock is a free time application that may be downloaded from Dropbox, it is ideal for small businesses and freelancing individuals as it may track time record of up to 150 employees or projects, monitor time spent on projects and may store up to 3 years' worth of data. It's proudly USA-made and works on the most recent Windows versions including Windows 8. The report it yields can be read via Excel and Quickbooks.


Project-Timer is a simple to use time program that monitors the last 28 days spent on tasks or projects. The daily, weekly or monthly total time logged can be viewed as needed. It's undergoing updates and the most recent so far have been the addition of other color schemes.

Task Coach

Task Coach with its most recent version released last April, Task Coach helps users manage to-do lists, tasks and schedules. Users may easily monitor tasks at hand, their due dates, budgets and the time spent on each task. They may create and sort tasks simply by dragging an email from Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple Mail and create sub tasks or put notes on them. It is handy and convenient to use since it can also be installed on a flash drive.

Time Camp

Time Camp is ideal for individuals and companies who wish to monitor their employees' attendance and productivity level by automatically keeping track of their time spent on the internet, the sites they go to, along with the computer programs and applications they use. Its Windows or Mac app can be integrated with project management systems like Basecamp and Trello.


ManicTime - Finkit D.o.o. offers this free software to help users by automatically keeping track of the time spent on their computers, the applications used and the websites visited, among others. It stores captured data locally meaning it can also be used even without an internet connection.


SlimTimer allows users to create and tag projects, to share these to co-workers and to manually keep track of the time spent on each project. Users are to click on a task to start the time and to click it again once finished. Reports generated may be converted to excel format and may be emailed or viewed via RSS feed for billing and monitoring purposes.

Project Hamster

Project Hamster is a free time software that helps users monitor their day to day activities as well as the number of minutes they spend on each one. Data gathered may be monitored daily, weekly or monthly and may be edited exported or printed for reporting purposes.