Timesheets Review

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Top Five Features.

  1. Web based employee time tracking: The most important employee tracking feature in history - the timeclock - efficiently works as a web based app allowing for remote management of employees. Since each user has their own web-based profile the administrator can set up optional location restrictions so that employees can’t clock in from anywhere, plus admins can restrict permission to make edits to their timecards.
  2. Project time tracking: Some companies not only have to pay employees but bill customers too. Employees can record time and notes for various projects for those customers.
  3. Powerful reporting: The reporting feature is flexible and comprehensive, allowing users to sort data according to need. If you want to sort project data, say by employee, you can contrast how much you’ll be paying them and how much they’ll be bringing in. Or, you can view exactly how much you will need to pay a customer for all or some projects. Additionally, closing out a pay period generates a payroll report, which is easy to fire off to the payroll department for processing.
  4. Expense and bonus tracking: Many employees incur expenses that need reimbursement. Rather than keeping an envelope of receipts, which can get misplaced, employees can scan receipts and keep records of all expenses right from within their timesheets.
  5. HR documents: The software includes a set of four standardized templates for things like performance reviews and termination letters. These are particularly helpful for small companies lacking Human Resources departments.

Ease Of Use:

  1. Extensive training video library and online user’s manual make learning the system a cinch.
  2. Tooltips on mousovers quickly help the user navigate new terrain.
  3. Prominent clock in/out button makes the new routine painless for employees.
  4. On the main page admins can easily see who’s clocked in and how many hours they’ve worked this period.

Help and Support: Customer support is free and friendly. The Contact Us page provides two options for getting in touch, either through email or by phone. Telephone hours are Monday through Friday from 9am eastern to 6pm pacific. That’s some pretty decent coverage!

The Three Most Important Features to Look For When You Sign Up With Timesheets.com:

  1. Customizing the Individual Employee: Decide whether you want to enable hourly, project, and expense tracking for each employee and notice how much flexibility there is with respect to an employee’s level of supervision, their ability to make edits, and their ability to create projects and vendors
  2. Accruals Tracking: You can choose from six rates of accruals for employee’s vacation, sick, and PTO and even set a cap so that it doesn’t roll over into the next year.
  3. Snapshot of Activity: The Company Calendar offers a snapshot of daily activity so that employers can anticipate overtime and plan ahead for time off.

The Top Three Reasons to Choose Timesheets.com:

  1. Timesheets.com offers myriad identity and location controls such as IP address and single-computer lockdown, fingerprint scanners, and photo timestamp. In addition, they have alerts available for approaching overtime to help customers save even more on payroll.
  2. The Timesheets.com pricing is more affordable than their competitor’s, offering an extremely flexible pay schedule to suit most needs. Prices start at just $12 for two employees.
  3. Keeping time online since 2004, these seasoned veterans have achieved 99.99% up time as well as an enviable ability to keep user data safe.