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Net Orbit
“The Net Orbit is network monitoring software capable of monitoring every user’s screen LIVE, keystrokes, chats, social media usage, applications usage and more”Net Orbit allows users to monitor the workstation activities such as emails, web sites, chat conversations and much more are captured, including screenshots on your network from your own seat. Net Orbit has the best administrative tools to control employee desktop remotely. The employee networking monitoring software Net Orbit is a uber Internet monitoring software ., the application works smoothly and its interface is very user friendly.
Creately Online Diagramming Tool
Creately is an online diagramming tool that support many diagram types. Check out all the diagram types listed in the left sidebar to acquire additional diagrams available for different diagram types.
Spytech Realtime-Spy
the computer world is invaded by all sorts of fraud that disturb all the times, we hear of internet hackers and abductions done after a victim gave out information concerning him/her through website. This can all be controlled and eradicated if we use cor