Amigabit PowerBooster Review

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Top Five Features:

Amigabit PowerBooster offers an all-in-one solution to speed up a users sluggish computer. It will make your computer start and run faster by shutting down unnecessary background processes, cleaning up junk files, finding and removing duplicate files, removing unwanted startup programs, and more.

Amigabit PowerBooster will also increase the overall system performance of your PC by defragging fragmented hard drives, cleaning and repairing Windows registry, uninstalling unwanted software or programs completely and correctly, cleaning up and managing right-click context menu easily, etc., keeping your computer in a best state. With Amigabit PowerBooster, anyone can then enjoy the new PC feeling with ease and keep PC running at a peak performance.

As Software Review Boffin knows, system errors are one of principle reasons to slow down computer day by day. Amigabit PowerBooster has the ability to detect and fix a whopping number of system issues to keep your PC stable and running at peak efficiency. It's a bit like having a doctor and cleaner permanently on hand.

Amigabit PowerBooster can help to protect your privacy on the internet by completely cleaning up internet privacy files, your junk files, duplicate documents, temporary files, Internet browser cache and history, as well as browser add-ons, etc.

Amigabit PowerBooster also offers the ultimate protection from credit card numbers, bank details or other personal information you enter online. With the help of Amigabit PowerBooster, you can rest assured on the Internet for online transactions.

Ease of Use:

Software Review Boffin found this software a feature-rich application, Amigabit PowerBooster has its interface so simple that even the novice can take advantage of this powerful software within minutes.

Help And Support:

Amigabit PowerBooster is equipped with an informative, easy-to-understand and step-by-step guide about the operations. A professional team of customer support service is also available via Email on business days.

The top three reasons to choose Amigabit PowerBooster:

  1. If you want to do a overall scan on PC, Amigabit PowerBooster is what you may need. With just a click on the Scan button, Amigabit PowerBooster e can run a full scan of all your drive by diving deep into every aspect of the computer's system searching for potential issues quickly and accurately.
  2. If you wish to "undo" any change on system in case that any trouble or error occurs, the Restore feature in Amigabit PowerBooster can take your PC back to its previous point instantly.
  3. With over 25+ useful tools contained, Amigabit PowerBooster is priced reasonably and very affordable thought Software Review Boffin.


Amigabit Power Booster is accelerated trusted computer software designed to clean, speed up, and optimize a Windows computer in mere minutes. With Amigabit PowerBooster, you can scan and optimize computer settings, remove unnecessary and corrupt files, defrag your hard drive, and fix Windows registry errors. It all adds up to faster performance overall, plus smaller Windows startup times, more hard drive space! Amigabit PowerBooster also protect your privacy on PC by clearing Internet files, temporary files, browser cache, and browser history. It also protects all of the credit card, bank, and other personal information that you enter online!