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Smartpixel 3 medal ★★★★

Smartpixel Review

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Top 5 features:

  1. Integrated with D3D video recording mode, Smartpixel video editor is able to seamlessly capture the desktop screen and is compatible with all PC video games, Smartpixel video editor brings optimal performance using less CPU and lower disk usage during video capturing.
  2. Software Review Boffin found that the PIP mode allowed the user live comment in the webcam via microphone or speaker whilst screen capturing, Smartpixel video editor appears like people introducing in front of clients, which makes the video more convincing and lifelike.
  3. There comprises a Karaoke mode in the webcam recording panel, Smartpixel video editor helps a singer to remove the vocal and add lyrics into their video, meanwhile, users could add full personalized video effects into the webcam video.
  4. Smartpixel video editor allows users to cut, trim, merge the video clips and add transitions, background music, subtitle, photos to make their video more versatile and amusing. Smartpixel video editor support all the general video formats like AVI, FLV, WMV,MP4 YouTube video used.
  5. Smartpixel software support 360P, 480P, 720P and 1080P HD screen video capture as well as video editing. Users can customize the video capture resolution, frame rates and brightness fully based on their requirements.

Ease of Use:

Whether video capture or video edit operations, Software Review Boffin found Smartpixel software was very easy to use. In the record settings, all of the features are listed in the interface, there are lots of tips to guide users when they have installed Smartpixel video editor, user can simply click the button features they require. Additionaly Smartpixel video editor also support Hot keys to record. pause, stop and save the video.

Help and Support:

Smartpixel video editor has a community on its official website, there are lots of tips and FAQs to help people use the software, meanwhile, user may leave questions there or directly email the Smartpixel support team to get personal support service.

The top 3 reasons to choose Smartpixel video editor software:

  1. includes "video screen capture" and "video edit feature" as a 2 in 1. It has powerful features yet affordable and cost effective price thereby saving users unnecessary expense.
  2. Smartpixel software is compatible with all a users PC video games, Smartpixel video editor is an ideal game video recording software for the gamers.
  3. Smartpixel software consumes relatively low computer resources than other similar software, users have improved video capturing and editing experience even with low PC configuration.

Why you should consider Smartpixel video editor

Smartpixel video editor used in tutorial making, game video recording, or personal MV editing provides a variety of features to enjoy. SmartPixel software is perfect for the users who need both screen capturing and video editing features. Smartpixel video editor is also very handy for home-video makers and for users who need webcam recording ie YouTube videos, for instance. There are many great features and video effects available for free and even more should you have a paid subscription.


Smartpixel video edSmartpixel video editoror is an easy to use Windows screen video capture software and video editing software for YouTube videos. Smartpixel video editor is widely used in tutorial video making, game video recording, webcam video recording as well as video edSmartpixel video editoring