Blue Iris Software Review

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Top five features
Blue Iris (Full) Software carries very many incredible features for its easy usage. However, we will consider the top five, top among equals of course, so that you may get a glimpse of its core functions.

Blue Iris (Full) Software captures the entire shots from the JPEG and movies in the standard DVR, advanced AVI and cutting-edge Windows Media formats. This suggests that the software adapts well with the highly advanced formats, eventually giving out high quality material.

The Blue Iris (Full) Software has a video security feature that disallows any computer viruses and mishaps. Moreover, the software can give you home security without the video being manipulated by thugs. If it is your house, employees and other things, the Blue Iris (Full) Software is the best for you.

Blue Iris (Full) Software allows for three marvelous media things with quick and splendid precision. The things are: audio detection, motion detection and continues capture that gives out consistency.

Blue Iris (Full) Software carries alerts through email, loudspeaker, phone and instant messaging. The alerts are up to speed and they are quick to give out splendid material that leaves no room for any technological ambiguity.

Blue Iris (Full) Software carries a webcam text and graphics in the overlay format. Users can in the process utilize in-built server or website post which can eventually get compatible with JAVA, MPEG ActiveX and Windows Media.

Ease of use
Because of the automated procedure in the entire process completion, simply clicking the mouse on the start video capturing process icon does all that is necessary to perform the video task. And since speed is here useful and common the video capturing will not be difficult to manipulate.

Help and support
Blue Iris have a technical team on hand to furnish users with all the help that theymay require to make the Blue Iris (Full) Software work. All the queries to questions can be gotten from the website that has indications of frequently asked questions and their answers. Users can also get more prerequisite information from our site on more Blue Iris (Full) matters.

Top three reasons to choose Blue Iris (Full) Software

- Blue Iris (Full) Software is a technologically advanced video capture
- This software offers a video security that none other can
- It is affordable and comes with a 30 day trial version

The Blue Iris (Full) Software is a full video capturing software that performs in a quality in the likes of Hollywood movies. With a free 30 day trial, you can have a taste of what it means to safeguard your home and properties. If you are editorially inclined, the software can give you the best JPEG shots to revel in.