Vocabulary Software Reviews

    The Definitive Guide to Vocabulary Software

    Choosing the right vocabulary software is something that needs to be seriously considered and not rushed. Whichever software you select will determine just how much success you have - and how fast it happens. Not all software is created equal, but the top 3 vocabulary software options are certainly all worthy of your consideration. But which one is most worth choosing, and why? Read on to find out.

    You'll find similar features and learning methods throughout the three top vocabulary software packages. What does differ are the interfaces, number of words, and subtle ways in which the student can learn. It's the small aspects like these however, which can make all the difference.

    Each software also requires a slightly different expense of time. Ultimate Vocabulary (our top choice) guarantees that if you use the software for only 10 minutes per day for a month you are certain to boost your vocabulary.

    The best Vocabulary Software- Software Review Boffin Top 3 choices

Ultimate Vocabulary

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *

Ultimate Vocabulary is without question the best vocabulary building software we have tried to date. It is an excellent choice for people wishing to enhance their vocabulary by being able to use words they may have only previously heard once or twice, and didn't really understand.

You will also learn an extensive set of brand new words and meanings that will enhance your confidence, considerably improve your career and increase your writing skills as well. Ultimate Vocabulary is an excellent program overall, but we would like to see some improvements to the software settings interface (we found updating some user settings a little confusing initially, but it was ok once we got the knack of it).

Ultimate Vocabulary

Word Smart

Second Place Silver Medal * * * *

Unlike some of the other vocabulary programs, Word Smart requires you to purchase the right software for your age, or for your child's age. This can result in an increased expense (each edition is priced at a whopping $214.99) and as time goes on, if you choose to continue education. Rather than creating the software to scale to the person's age and skill level in one package, multiple packages will be needed. This is certainly one of the main downsides to Word Smart.

Word Smart has an easy to use interface that is suitable for almost all ages, provided the correct package is purchased. This, as mentioned, could be the main downside to this otherwise excellent set of learning tools.

Word Smart

Power Vocabulary Builder

Third Place Bronze Medal * * *

Power Vocabulary Builder functions as an excellent "mini dictionary" that contains about 2200 words. Each entry has synonyms, usage tips, etc, similar to a traditional dictionary. However, the software lacks the tools required to function as a vocabulary builder, such as activities, games, detailed descriptions, etc. That said, it does have basic flash cards and test features. If you need a program to improve your vocabulary, Ultimate Vocabulary or Word Smart are much better solutions. If you want a basic dictionary with a few extra features, Power Vocabulary Builder could be an excellent choice.

Power Vocabulary Builder has a distinct advantage of those wishing to learn English as a second language, as it has made a selection of some of the most important and useful words an ESL student would need to learn, and encourages vocabulary mastery by instructing students not only on memorizing these words, but on truly knowing what they mean and most importantly, how to use them in practical situations. We also liked Power Vocabulary Builder's sorting feature, which allows users to build lists based on prevalence in a variety of genres.

Power Vocabulary Builder