Ultimate Vocabulary Review

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Ultimate Vocabulary is without question the best vocabulary building software we have tried to date. It is an excellent choice for people wishing to enhance their vocabulary by being able to use words they may have only previously heard once or twice, and didn't really understand. You will also learn an extensive set of brand new words and meanings that will enhance your confidence, considerably improve your career and increase your writing skills as well. Ultimate Vocabulary is an excellent program overall, but we would like to see some improvements to the software settings interface (we found updating some user settings a little confusing initially, but it was ok once we got the knack of it).

Top Five Features of Ultimate Vocabulary

  1. Highly accurate and comprehensive word database containing over 147,000 words.
  2. Over 190 built in word lists to match every learning need. Ultimate Vocabulary has words for life success, exams, ESL, and multiple grade/university levels. They got these lists by researching over 120 vocabulary books and courses. This means that you can start studying an appropriate list and reaching your goal immediately.
  3. Ability to make custom lists. You can make your own lists and use all the features of the software (such as tests, activities, usage examples, etc.) on your own lists. It's easy to make your own lists using the software's built in 147,000 word database.
  4. Word Messenger. A really cool feature that reminds you of words as you work by putting a small message to the right of your screen at configured intervals.
  5. Activities, tests, progress tracking. The software has multiple features to help you speed up the rate at which you learn new words.
Ease of Use

The graphical layout is impressive. For each word you can, with the click of the mouse, see word visualization, encyclopedia entries, images, rhymes, and even translation into one of the dozens of available languages. The developers of the software have also paid close attention to providing extensive information on words - something that is so vital yet so often not given so much attention to detail in other software packages. One downside is that this software is not yet available for Mac computers. That aside, it would be difficult to find a vocabulary learning program that is as extensive, detailed, intuitive and easy to use as Ultimate Vocabulary. We would like to see some improvements to the software settings interface (we found updating user setting a little confusing initially, but it was ok once we got the knack of it). In particular it took us over 10 minutes to figure out how to delete a custom word list. This option is hidden in the settings but would be better placed on the word list tab.

Overall, however, the software is very intuitive and easy to use.

Help And Support 

Online help and support services are available for registered users from the publisher website. Apart from that, a help me file is available with the program.

The Top Three Reasons To Choose Ultimate Vocabulary Success Edition

Ultimate Vocabulary Success Edition is designed with all the latest methodical learning materials. It is a result of extensive research and the modules are comprehensive.

The program is affordable and has an easy navigation user interface to make the learning easy, effective and efficient.

People have nothing to lose as the company offers a 60 day money back guarantee! You are certain to get your money back if it does not work.

With the well designed learning modules that comprise all the latest learning technology and interventions for self development by enriching your English reading, writing and speaking abilities, Ultimate Vocabulary Success Edition is the best program. It comes with a money back guarantee scheme, which means users are protected if they find the program is not effective for them. As the publisher offered the guarantee, they have ensured everything to impress and effectively help you is in there so you might have to launch a search to find a dissatisfied user. Ultimate Vocabulary Success Edition requires very little space on your disk, operates and functions smoothly and the license permit one will get from payment is comprehensive.