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    The Definitive Guide to Youtube Download Software

    YouTube has become phenomenon. each year on year the popularity of this site increases astronomically. The site has become a huge resource foe news items, political messages , humor and the list goes on. It is hard to imagine a world where You Tube has not infiltrated. The great thing about this is that it is open to everyone, everyone with a cause a message can now participate. With good YouTube software the task is easy and rewarding, the results exceptional. A great tool for anyone becoming serious about the medium.

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Wondershare YouTube Downloader

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *
Wondershare YouTube Downloader is very easy to use and very intuitive with great look, which is actually similar to the Youtube skin.Wondershare YouTube Downloader is a very easy to use as a Youtube video download tool. It has the complete functionality to download Youtube videos to their computer as they want. The Wondershare YouTube Downloader can automatically detect the Youtube video files from the Youtube web pages user have opened and download multiple files all at once. This is an easy to use application with many useful features and a nice graphic user interface. Wondershare YouTube Downloader

Axara YouTube Tools

Second Place Silver Medal * * * * *

Axara YouTube Tools has a great design. It is very easy to use and Axara YouTube Tools is a pleasure to download and convert movie files from websites.Axara YouTube Tools video converter has a special instrument, Video Editor, which allows you to cut some fragments that you do not want to see out of the final result video. For example, you can cut the video along the edges, thus missing the beginning and the ending titles, or simply cut out the advertisements.Axara YouTube Tools software enables conversion from one format to the next easily

Axara YouTube Tools

Cucusoft YouTube Mate

Third Place Bronze Medal * * * * *

Cucusoft YouTube Mate is a program that, amongst other things, allows users to download videos from the most popular video sharing website, Using Cucusoft YouTube Mate program, they will be able to download any kind of video and watch it in their program's main window. Something great about this powerful Cucusoft YouTube Mate application is that it enables user to simultaneously download any number of videos with no problems at all. The program will automatically save the YouTube videos with their original title

Cucusoft YouTube Mate